JSAwards Ireland

JSAwards Ireland is a community award intended to recognize outstanding community leaders and community contributions within the JavaScript community in Ireland.

JSAwards Ireland recognizes individuals and businesses for their contributions to open source javascript projects and other kinds of engagements, such as research and innovation, public talks, technical news posts and tutorials, podcasts, technical books, etc.

The JSAwardsIE 2024 will be part of JSConf Ireland 2024. The award ceremony will take place during the JSConf Ireland 2024 after-party. If you wish to join as a member of the audience, you will need to purchase a ticket for JSConf Ireland. However, you don't need a ticket to be nominated or to nominate somebody.

JSAwards Ireland categories

There are 8 JSAwards Ireland categories designed to recognize outstanding community contributions by businesses and individuals within the JavaScript community in Ireland.

Rules & perks

We are inviting the JavaScript community in Ireland to nominate individuals and organizations that deserve to be recognized for their contributions to the healthy growth of the JavaScript community in Ireland.

The JSAwardsIE nominations are open to everyone. However, nominations must adhere to the following rules:

The JSAwards Rules

Nominees and attendees must adhere to our code of conduct.

Nominated Open source projects must be created/maintained by an individual or an organization based on the island of Ireland.

Nominated individuals or organizations must be based on the island of Ireland.

Nominated individuals cannot be members of the organization of JSConf Ireland and JSAwardsIE.

Only one nomination per person per category is allowed. Attempts to manipulate the nominations, such as using bots, will result in the automatic disqualification of the nominee.

The JSAwardsIE team will review the nominations and select the winners based on the amount and the quality of the nominee's contributions to the JavaScript community in Ireland.

Nominations openJune 2024
Nominations closeJuly 2024
Award winners selectionAugust 2024
JSAwardsIE ceremony26th September 2024

JSAwardsIE will invite the winners of each award category to the award ceremony that will take place during the JSConf Ireland after-party. If you become one of the lucky winners of one of the JSAwardsIE categories, you will receive the following perks.

JSAwardsIE Winner Perks
2 JSConf Ireland tickets
JSAwards Ireland trophy
Be part of our social media campaigns


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